What's included in your "Website Tweaks"?

Website Tweaks are five or ten minute changes made to the website by our experts (they probably take you much longer!).

To be fair to everyone, we think that on average a few small changes a month are ok. To make administration easier, the first 50 minutes of billable time won’t be charged on your monthly invoice. If less than 50 minutes are used it will not be transferred to the following month.

What are your "discounted web expertise" charges?

If you are on our PRO plan or FULL plan, you are eligible for discounted expertise. It’s a reduction in our billable hourly rate of $100 to $50 per hour.

Web expertise is often used in building new plugins and themes, editing images, on-page SEO or adding functionality to your website.

What happens after I sign up?

After you start a plan with us you will receive a confirmation and welcome email. The email will explain how to send us your login details for WordPress and hosting. Once we receive the details your plan will be set up within 48 hours.

Work will begin on your site immediately, but speed improvements may take some time as we need to tread carefully as to not cause major issues with the website.

Feel free to start sending us changes immediately, we will make it happen!

What happens if an update breaks my site?

We will fix it! We constantly work to reduce the number of plugins that could cause problems and may have compatibility issues, so chances are the site is always fine. Any site downtime is a code red and the problem will be dealt with immediately as your business is our business.

Am I locked into a contract or are there exit charges?

Each month we take it upon ourselves to earn your business all over again. You are NOT locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. This keeps us accountable and you confident that you are receiving the best website services month after month.

I only want custom development and don't want a plan.

While we always advise that a subscription will save you money in the long run, we do custom development at $100 per hour. If you are on a plan this is reduced to $50 per hour.

Why do you update plugins so regularly?

Often a plugin is released with a bug that is quickly patched with a future release. Updating the plugins regularly helps resolve bugs quickly.

What is your typical response time?

Nearly all single item requests are completed within 24 hours. Sometimes requests with multiple items take longer, as each item is treated as a single request.

My website has been hacked. Do you fix hacked sites?

Yes, we do! The FULL plan includes hack cleanups and restoration. Even if you don’t need all the FULL plan options long term, we highly recommend you keep it active for a minimum of 6-12 months as hacks have a habit of resurfacing.

How do you secure my site?

You will notice a vulnerability and security report if you are on a FULL plan. To keep you secure is a case by case approach but these are some of the things we do:

  • Daily cloud backups
  • Force secure passwords
  • Daily malware and hacker scan
  • SSL certificate (padlock in the browser)
  • Real-time uptime monitoring
  • Brute force protection
  • Add a firewall
  • Blocking bad IP’s and crawlers
  • Database optimisation
  • Spam comment protection
  • Adjust file permissions
  • Google captcha on login
  • Manage inactive plugins and themes

How do you speed up my website?

You will see the performance and speed of the website in the regular reports you receive. In order to improve this for pour PRO and FULL plans we do the following:

  • Image optimisation
  • Minify code (Javascript & CSS)
  • Add a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Remove query strings
  • Optimise the mobile experience
  • Combine external requests
  • Lazy load images
  • Reduce server response time (sometimes a migration to Kinsta is required)

Where are you guys located?

The founder Adam Broadbent is Australian and the business Willing Web Limited is registered in New Zealand. We also have incredibly talented WordPress experts in America and Europe.

Can you host my website?

We offer Kinsta hosting ($30-100 USD monthly value) on our PRO and FULL plans. Kinsta is the industry leader in our minds and we want the best for our clients.

Moving hosts is completely optional but we do this free of charge.

Do you host or manage emails?

No. We are WordPress website specialists. The best guys for email are Google (G Suite) or Microsoft (Office 365). Both will cost you roughly $5 per user per month. We are happy to help set this up for active plan holders.

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