We offer Partner and Custom plans options to those that have unique needs. Simply contact us to discuss detailed options that are right for your needs. Briefly, such services are designed as stated below.

Custom Support Care Plans

Custom plans usually involve sites you own rather than client sites. Either you have multiple websites or require more development time month to month for it to make sense to capitalize on our discounted rate for development that we reserve exclusively for our Custom & Partner plans. Within a custom plan, we still operate as the Willing Web brand so the Support Box and Plugin we add to the backend of the WordPress websites will mention us as will and generated reports.

Custom plans start at $799 monthly for the upkeep of the website/websites and the remainder set aside for dedicated WordPress development. The hours allocated to your account will always be of the highest priority and we will also share marketing advice and our tools to help grow your online presence.

Partner Plans

Partner plans (sometimes called “white labeling” ) usually involve Agencies who would like to either compensate or extend their services into the services we can offer as WordPress experts. Partners are also eligible to the discounted development rates and dedicated monthly resources.

The benefits as a partner  included Willing Web  operating  under the partner’s brand identity  and offering services in a White Label agreement. All elements of our work including reports, the WordPress plugin, and the dashboard support box are rebranded. We can even go as far as setting up a help email account at the domain name of the partner’s website.

For the White Label service, we require a minimum monthly spend of $1200. If no dedicated development is required, then this allows the upkeep of up to 40 WordPress websites.

Lets discuss the specifics of your needs here