Try any of our support plans for 30 days and if you’re not blown away then we will return your money.

All packages include an hour a month of development and easy to understand monthly reports. Frequently Asked Questions are below.

Basic Support Care

  • Cloud Backups & Restore
  • Wordpress & Plugin Updates
  • Security Scanning & Hack Cleanups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Awesome WordPress Support

Full Support Care

  • Includes All “I’m Safe” &
  • Realtime Backups
  • 3 Extra Development Hours
  • SEO Keyword Tracking
  • Perfomance Optimization

Custom Support Care

  • Project Manager
  • Dedicated Development Hours
  • Further Discounted Rates
  • Priority Everything
  • Marketing Assistance


If you have trouble finding what you need below, please contact us and we will make sure to get you the answers you are looking for!

Extra development is only billed if we have exhausted the hours included in the plan and ONLY if you have approved the work. A list of prices can be seen on the website development page.



NO. Fire at will with any questions or issues you might have! Sometimes we will send you links to resources or articles that provide all the info and information to resolve your issue. Depending on the circumstances, an issue may require work that isn’t covered in your plan, then we may need to bill the time, but once again we will never charge you unless you first agree to the work being done.


We are registered as an Australian business although our client base is widespread. Bolivian offices were established in 2012 with the benefit of operating in suitable time zones for clients across Australia, North America, and Europe.


The first 30 days on a plan is completely refundable. If you are not 100% happy with our services. After 30 days simply send us a message to cancel and you will not receive any additional charges.

Of course! Contact us and we will make the arrangements.

Each month we take it upon ourselves to earn your business all over again. You are NOT locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. This keeps us accountable and you confident that you are receiving the Best Website Services month after month.

We will fix it! We constantly work to reduce the number of plugins that could cause problems and may have compatibility issues so chances are the site is always fine. If we are unlucky we will be onto the problem immediately as your business is our business.


Yes we do! Please contact us to discuss. We also work several agencies offering our services under their name. Please see our Partner Plan page for more details.

We accept all major Credit Cards as well as PayPal. Recurring services are made easy by being invoiced and debited automatically from month to month. If you are part of our Partner or Custom plans, then we also offer to set up EFT payments for your convenience.

While we always advise that a subscription will save you money in the long run, we do offer ad-hoc work at higher hourly rates. Pricing details are on our website development page.

Yes, we are always working on theme and plugin customizations. Depending on your specific need, requests may require extra hours beyond what is covered in the subscription. Don’t worry, all partners on a plan receive a healthy discount on development hours. Please see our Website Development page for more details.

Yes & No. Although we work very closely with hosting companies, it’s not our core business.We do have our favorites, and they are listed on our Website Hosting page.  Occasionally, we will come to an agreement on a case by case basis to manage the hosting in exchange for development hours. If it is important to you to consolidate your billing (or you just love us that much!) feel free to drop us an inquiry on the Contact Us page.


Relationship Hourly Rate
Without a Support Care Plan (ad hoc) $60 (minimum 10 hours)
With Basic Support Care Plan First hour monthly no charge then $40
With Full Support Care Plan First four hours monthly no charge then $35
With Custom Support Care Plan or Partner Plan $25 when included then $35

NOTE: It’s not uncommon to exchange development hours on a Support Plan for WordPress hosting