Finding a great website developer is no easy task. Unfortunately, you are either stuck with an outrageously high retainer to fill or you find an affordable service that knows just enough to thoroughly mess things up. We know your pain as we have seen the struggle first hand countless times. That’s because we are the go-to response team that clients turn to in order to sweep up the pieces from Web-Dev gone bad!

Here at Willing Web, when we are not optimizing WordPress websites, integrating customized services, or protecting our clients from potential conflicts month to month, we spend much of our remaining time helping clients build (or repair) their websites with our dedicated Website Development Team.

Sometimes the task is integrating their Website Design into a high-performing custom theme and other times we are tasked with building custom functionality into the website from the ground up. No matter whether we are the first team you turn to or the trusted professionals that you can count on to pull you back from the brink, we have got you covered. But rest assured. Willing Web offers affordable services that meet or exceed industry standards. With Willing Web you will never be asked to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Some of the more common development related requests we receive are:

  • The creation of membership or client areas
  • Installing and integrating price calculators and purchase processes
  • Setting up education and online course offering services
  • Taking care of the tricky integrations and software additions that need to be done right the first time
  • And the list goes on and on. If you can imagine it then we can likely make your wishes a reality

There is virtually no end to the possibilities available in the world of website development. It is simply a matter of dedicating time and not limiting your imagination.

While pricing is custom tailored for each unique project, here is a general idea of what you might expect to see, we can start the conversation here.


Relationship Hourly Rate
Without a Support Care Plan (ad hoc) $60 (minimum 10 hours)
With Basic Support Care Plan First hour monthly no charge then $40
With Full Support Care Plan First four hours monthly no charge then $35
With Custom Support Care Plan or Partner Plan $25 when included then $35

NOTE: It’s not uncommon to exchange development hours on a Support Plan for WordPress hosting