Great WordPress development can be hard to find. We know, we have repaired many a disaster.

Apart from keeping WordPress websites operating at 100%, improving performance and identifying potential conflicts month to month, we spend a lot of time helping clients build their websites through website development. Sometimes this is making their Website Design into a high performing custom theme and other times it’s building custom functionality into the website. Some of the more common website development requests are:

  • membership or client areas
  • price calculators and purchase processes
  • education and course websites
  • integrating/connecting into other apps/software
  • the list goes on…

Nearly everything is possible in the world of website development it’s just a matter of time. To get an indication of what’s involved with your project we can start the conversation here.


Relationship Hourly Rate
Without a Support Care Plan (ad hoc) $45 (minimum 10 hours)
With Basic Support Care Plan First hour monthly no charge then $35
With Full Support Care Plan First three hours monthly no charge then $35
With Custom Support Care Plan or Partner Plan $25 when included then $35

NOTE: It’s not uncommon to exchange development hours on a Support Plan for WordPress hosting