If your looking for a quality hosting provider for WordPress. These are our recommendations.

Hosting is as varied and and personal as the website itself. It depends on your priorities either being cost, location, performance, support etc. Hosting reviews are plentiful but expect to find something negative about all hosting providers. We definitely recommend working with a quality web host but also happy to work with whoever you have chosen. In the case that your chosen host disallows automatic updates and our software to run then we may need to charge additional fees for us to work our magic properly.

Location of the host used to be a primary factor as the closer the server is, the quicker it is to retrieve the website so the faster it loads. Its still something to consider but less important these days with the introduction of cheaper, even free, content delivery networks allowing the website to be spread around the world and accessed by browsers from the nearest hub. We assist all our clients with the implementation of a free content delivery network.

At the top of the hosting tree you will find specialist Wordpress hosts. The bigger names in this business are Kinsta, Flywheel & WP Engine. You will pay more for their services as they are high performance experts. They won’t host your email because they are dedicated to WordPress hosting only (we recommend a email hosting specialist like Google Apps or Rackspace).

If you would like us to take care of the hosting for you. We can exchange development hours included in your plan for hosting on one of our favorite providers. A single development hour for basic shared hosting and two development hours for Kinsta specialised hosting.

Prices start for these guys at $15 a month per site with Flywheel to $100 a month on Kinsta. We are big fans of Kinsta (you get what you pay for) and intern host a number of websites on their servers. For this reason we can offer their hosting at half the price at $60 or two development hours included in the “Full Support Care” plan. Either way, if you are serious about your website then you won’t regret it. Let us know if your interested.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting
Check Out Kinsta Here

On the other end of the spectrum is typical shared hosting operating on Cpanel. This can start from a couple of dollars a month and will usually include email hosting (although again we don’t recommend using it). Some hosts may not provide Cpanel but an alternate like Plesk or Webmin. They are GUI control panels to allow the setup and management of websites and emails. We would recommend staying with Cpanel as they are the dominate force and should you change hosts its easy enough to pack up a backup and restore it on the new location.

In most shared hosting cases your website will be sitting on a server with many many others. This is a risk as the other sites may jeopardise your performance by using lots of resources or giving your websites IP address a bad name by using bad marketing practices or being hacked. Your not to know and everything maybe fine but if its going to occur, a shared host is where this will happen.

Support is also poorer but you expect for a few dollars a month. All considered, if the website isn’t central to your business operations then shared hosting will probably be just fine.

A good place to start for budget shared hosting would be Crazy Domains or Godaddy.

Crazy Domains Hosting
godaddy hosting