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7 Willing Web Experts​

We work with incredibly talented WordPress experts in Australia, New Zealand, South America & Europe with offices in New Zealand and Europe covering most timezones!

Quick Response​

Your online success is our number one priority. If you need something done or if you notice something wrong then we are on hand to keep everything running at 100%.

300 Websites Managed​

With 100's of websites in our care, every site is different and requires individual attention, and as a result, we are always learning. This knowledge gets passed along, and it benefits us all.

2000+ Monthly Updates​

An optimal and secure site needs to be running the latest and greatest software. We keep everything up to date so you can concentrate on the things your good at.

Recent Website Builds​

At our core is website maintenance, security, performance and customer support, but along the way, we have mastered designing and developing websites that deliver.

We also build dozens of websites for other design and SEO agencies, acting as the technical partner and offering a simple and efficient white-label solution.

Entry Willing Web Care for $55 monthly.

Base Care Plan

Your website hosted and cared for with maintenance included monthly. All care plans consist of daily cloud backups and restorations, domain management, speedy CDN, firewall and excellent customer service and care.

Secure Web Hosting

Secure cloud hosting on Willing Web international servers.

Daily cloud backups and restorations

We take full backups daily as a minimum; if anything ever goes wrong, we can roll back to the time the backup was created within minutes.

Domain management & speedy CDN

If you ever need to make a change like setting up GSuite, adding a TXT or CNAME record, then we do this for you without charge.

Typical Willing Web care for $110 a month.

Pro Care Plan

Your website hosted and cared for with maintenance included monthly.  All Basic Plan features and Google Cloud network hosting and Theme updates.

Regular theme, plugin and CMS updates

Updating plugins, themes and WordPress regularly helps resolve bugs quickly, keep secure and make the most from the upgrades.

Google Cloud network hosting

Hosting powered by the Google Cloud Platform for fast and secure transport of your data. Optimal delivery to your audience.

Domain management & speedy CDN

If you ever need to make a change like setting up GSuite, adding a TXT or CNAME record, then we do this for you without charge.

Extended Willing Web care for $150 a month.

Full Care Plan

Your website hosted and cared for with 60 min of expertise & maintenance included monthly. Excess expertise billed at half the standard rate. Pro & Basic Plan features plus custom functionality maintained, SEO keyword monitoring, 24/7 uptime monitoring and malware & hack cleanups.

Custom functionality maintained

E-Commerce & Custom functionality supported and maintained. Our most senior expertise will be available to make sure everything runs smoothly.

24/7 uptime monitoring

Don't wonder if your website has been working or if it has gone down without you knowing. See when and for how long downtime has occurred.

Malware & hack cleanup

WAF Firewall, DDoS protection and Identification and monitoring of site files and potential issues. We will quarantine and block infected files and malware.

Have any questions? Happy to help!

Nearly all single item requests are completed within 24 hours, but we work on a business-critical system, so in some cases, we will queue-jump critical tasks based on priority.

Someone is watching the inbox nearly 20 hours a day (less on weekends), so urgency is our specialty.

Requests with multiple items may take longer, as each item is treated as a single request.

Yes, we do! The FULL plan allows us to do hack cleanups and restoration. Even if you don’t need all the FULL plan options long term, we highly recommend you keep it active for a minimum of 6-12 months as hacks have a habit of resurfacing and we can spend any expertise elsewhere improving your web presence.

You will notice a vulnerability and security report if you are on a FULL plan. To keep you secure is a case by case approach, but these are some of the things we do:

  • Daily cloud backups
  • Force secure passwords
  • Daily malware and hacker scan
  • SSL certificate (padlock in the browser)
  • Real-time uptime monitoring
  • Brute force protection
  • Add a firewall
  • Blocking bad IP’s and crawlers
  • Database optimisation
  • Spam comment protection
  • Adjust file permissions
  • Google CAPTCHA on login
  • Manage inactive plugins and themes

You will see the performance and speed of the website in the regular reports you receive. To improve this, we often do the following:

  • Image optimisation
  • Minify code (Javascript & CSS)
  • Add a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Remove query strings
  • Optimise the mobile experience
  • Combine external requests
  • Lazy load images
  • Reduce server response time 

Subscription plans are essential in our relationship. The plan allows us to connect our tools and then back up, monitor, secure, host and update the website. It also allows us to significantly reduce our expert’s billable hourly rate for Pro & Full plans.

A separate plan is required for each website URL, and the plan can be cancelled at any time with no minimum commitment.

Subscriptions need to be paid via a credit card subscription or direct debit agreement through our customer billing portal. 

New websites into our care usually require some initial billable time to clean-up and optimise. Chat to us, and we will take a look and let you know our thoughts.

We use direct debit and credit card payments as our primary payment methods through our customer billing portal. Please contact us for more details.

After you start a plan with us we will contact you to request a few extra details and answer any questions you may have. Some of the things we will need right away are:

  • Domain name registration details
  • Current hosting and WordPress user logins (if applicable).
  • Google Analytics shared with our email account (if applicable).

Work will begin on your site immediately, but speed improvements may take some time as we need to tread carefully as not to cause major issues with the website.

Feel free to start sending us changes straight away, and we will make it happen!

The time we spend on your account is billed at the end of each month. Our base rate is $110 an hour

If you have multiple website plans for different websites, then you are billed for all work at the best rate of your best plan.

If we expect a request or issue will take less than two hours, then we will proceed without approval. This is to prevent delays and the inefficiencies in back and forwarding. We will request approval for any work we expect to take longer than two hours.

We will fix it! We work to reduce the number of plugins that could cause problems and may have compatibility issues, so chances are the site is always great. Any site downtime is a code red, and the problem will be dealt with immediately as your business is our business.

In cases requiring significant work and repair, we will restore a stable backup and email you about what is needed, so we can decide on the best way forward together.

Each month we take it upon ourselves to earn your business all over again. You are NOT locked into a contract and can cancel at any time. This keeps us accountable and you confident that you are receiving the best website services month after month.

While we always advise that a subscription will save you money in the long run, we do custom development at our full rate. 

No. We are WordPress website specialists. The best guys for email are Google (G Suite) or Microsoft (Office 365). Both will cost you roughly $10 per user per month. We are happy to help set this up for active plan holders.

We will do our best to accurately estimate the time involved to complete a request or project.

Sometimes we request prior payment or progress payments to schedule and allocate resources.

We love transparency and communication, and we keep your costs down by billing you precisely for the work done on your account without contingency costs and overpromising.

Chat with us. We are always Willing to share our thoughts.

DNS & Domain Management

To take full advantage of our performance and security enhancements, we require domain names to be pointed through our Content Delivery Network (CDN) and WAF Firewall. For this reason, we include DNS management as a service. 

It does not matter where you choose to host your domain name but if you want to keep everything together, we will match or beat the price you are currently paying your domain name registrar.

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Fill in your details and we'll be in touch

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